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We are a company that manufactures vinyl fabrics for home and automobile upholstery, footwear,
bags, clothing and nautical industries, revelry, Stuck as well as for other special projects.



Having our own laboratory, manufacturing high-quality products, providing a good service and always working on new developments, made us a leading company in the markets we are part of and among the suppliers of the automobile industry.


We believe business is good business when the results are reflected in the environmental care and when all the parts involved in the deal reach their goals.

and efficiency

Therefore, companies have to meet standards, grow continuously and provide their clients with high effectiveness, simplicity and, above all, full confidence in the compliance with written and verbal agreements.

It is on this premise that we build our existence.

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under the Cuerina Express system.

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Artificial leather for:

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Customer Service
Address, emails and phones

Av. Crovara 1398 (CP 1768)
Ciudad Madero | BS. AS. Argentina
Email: info@caudet.com
Tel./ Fax: +54 – 011 – 4652.6424 | 4652.5405

Industrial plant

Lanza 454 (CP 1765) | Isidro Casanova
BS. AS. Argentina.

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